4 steps in buying a condo

Purchasing a condo might sound like an exciting experience, but without key details, it can turn out to be a stressful process. For cases of first timers, there is a lot that one needs to know to have a smooth process.

Buying a condo is a process which ranges from securing finances to closing the deal. Here are four basic steps to follow;

Secure finances

Understanding one’s capital base enables one to make informed decisions. Here, one gets to find out how much savings they have, and the amount banks are willing to lend. One should also consider getting a pre-approved mortgage, as this gives you an upper hand when making an offer to a realtor.

A realtor will not do business with a client whose creditworthiness is questionable. This means that your previous debt history ought to be captivating lest you run the risk of being rejected by real estate agents.

 Research ideal areas

222kjhHaving vivid ideas of the kind of a condo you want is critical. One considers alternatives regarding the location, layout, and the general environment. You consider your interests, likes and dislikes and the kind of lifestyle one would wish to have. Everyone has a dream house. Evaluate what you want. Make sure your potential home has all the ‘must haves.’

Hire an agent

Once you have a pre-approved mortgage and a dream house on your wish list, the next step is to hire a realtor to work with. A dealer will provide a list of homes matching your taste. They help in house hunting which involves;

  • Previewing properties online
  • Screening listings
  •  Actual visits
  •  Actual buying

After finding the right condo, you consider whether the price is in your range. The price should reflect the market value. Make sure you are comfortable with terms of sale that is;

  • Commission
  • Closing cost
  • Warranty, and
  • Earnest money

A property inspection is vital at this point to check for possible structural damages. When all your wants are satisfied, you strike the deal. An agreement of purchase is drafted to legally formalize the transaction.


333lkjBuying with Icona Condos Vaughan is a big step in one’s life. It’s a moment to live that dream. This, therefore, calls for every need to be keen of any decision made. Most mistakes at this stage are irreversible, and it’s important that everything is done right to avoid a lifestyle of regrets and psychological trauma.


Using Plumbing Service To Upgrade Your Water Heater

Your home’s water heater serves important functions of heating water, which is delivered through taps and faucets for bathing, cooking, washing, and other uses. Water heaters found in homes are two main types: tankless models and tank storage heaters. They do have their variations among models based on the form of energy used to warm the water and the unit’s output capabilities. For the majority of homeowners, upgrading their water heating systems can result in huge water savings, energy savings or both. It is necessary to consult a professional surrey water heater plumber for assistance before making a decision whether to buy it or upgrade it.

Initial consultationedsrcvabsdc

You should invite a professional plumber to your home who will come and inspect the current system you have in your home. Some factors such as the condition of the unit come to play and need for maintenance or repairs. Also, there is a need to take into account the type of energy used and the lifespan of the unit. Fortunately, with a professional plumbing service, you can learn about a broad range of models of tankless ones and tank storage heaters. A licensed plumber will advise you about the ideal model to select, which can meet your needs and one that is a cost-effective option.

Hot Water heater common problems

Malfunctioning electrical and light igniter

Before you switch on the machine, you need to check whether there are adequate gas and oil in the machine. Moreover, check whether the fuel valve connected to your machine is not turned off. If you fail to get water even when it is turned on, then you need to call a professional plumber.

Water leaks

If the unit’s wedgjhcccccccccsaheating coil burns quite frequently, it may be as a result of a leakage in the water tank. You can have it replaced by a professional plumber. Also, if water that comes out is too cold or too hot, it is likely that the thermostat is damaged or needs to be adjusted. If it is not, try to adjust until your desired temperature is achieved.

Blocking of flue

This is another common problem, which water heaters face. This prevents air getting or exiting the machine. This may result in uneven heating and can damage your unit. Ensure you clean it and remove all the dirt or other blockages. If the thermostat is adjusted and there is no water, then you need to call a professional plumber.


Tips on getting your dream house


Buying a dream house is about not settling for less than you want. You’ve finally reached some substantial financial goals, after years of saving, making the right real estate choices. And working hard, you’ve earned that home you often think about, so why just settle?

Tips and steps you should consider

Location, Location, Location

If your passion is to live on the beach, you’re not going to be happy in a suburb, even if the house has all the amenities you’ve always wanted.
When buying a dream home, the first consideration should be location. Remember, you can always change the house down the line, but you won’t be able to move it.

When making a location choice, consider your priorities. Whether it’s proximity to family, a fantastic view, a rural setting or an urban environment, location is critical and should never be compromised.

 Work with a Good Realtor

222lkjThe search for the dream home is about more than practicality, function or investment opportunity – it’s about finding your sanctuary. So, as you begin your search, hire a good realtor like the The House Company.
Take the time to sit down with him or her and go over exactly what you’re looking for. If it means describing the cupboards you want or the need for a nearby body of water, get it all out in discussion and on paper.

 Be Prepared to Wait

One of the most common mistakes of dream home buyers is impatience. Because they’re excited about the purchase and want to make it happen as quickly as possible, they wind up compromising and being unsatisfied with there choice.

If your dream housing needs are particular, you should be prepared to wait for the right opportunity. Don’t sink hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars into a property purchase simply because it’s almost perfect. Remember, this is where you expect to be living with your family for years.

Think Long-Term

Then you need to consider what amenities you need your home to have. For example, your might want to invest in a bathtub, whereas for other people this is a secondary requirement. Or you might want to have that gorgeous fireplace that you want to use for sitting and relaxing in front of it during the nights. Or you might want to house with a basement which you can use as a laundry room.


333lkjIf your expectations are way too high, you might never find your dream house. So make sure that you have plenty of homes to choose from and even if the place you like most might need some repairs, if it’s cheap enough and it fulfills most of your criteria, go for it.


Tips For Selecting And Buying Your Home Furniture

Having the right furniture in your home will enhance the ambiance and have a significant impact on the look and feel of any space. Selecting the right style of furniture for your home and lifestyle is critical to ensure that your investment in worth it. Keeping in mind that furniture and cute furniture is not something that one can regularly buy. It is thus important to consider the family’s need, the style of the space to be able to get furniture that will work for the home and family.

Home Furniture Tips

Determine The Design Themelkjhgjklkjhgjkl

Knowing the theme that you want your home to have will help in determining the type of furniture you will get. Be it a contemporary or modern style theme or a traditional classical style. Different rooms can have various aspects of the style.

Room Function

What will be the function of the space? Determining how the room will be used and its purposes will assist in choosing the right furniture to suit the room. If it is the dinner room will it be for family meals only or regularly entertaining guests? Likewise, will the kitchen be used for some meals or not.

Lifestyle And Needs

Considering your needs and lifestyle will help choose items and pieces that complement these. It could be you have pets, or your family is big, you have small children who need space to explore and run around. Likewise, the family could be spending more time in the living room, or you could be requiring a study or office room as a need for the children to study and an office space for you.

Size Of The Room

Room size will determine the size of the furniture that will be placed in the different spaces. The pieces should fit in proportion to the room and make the most of the function of the room. The room needs to feel inviting and open and not crowded. Plan out where each piece will be placed to have a better idea.


lkjhgfhjklkjFurniture can be a bit expensive. Setting parameters on what you want to spend will help in guiding towards selecting furniture that will suit your needs and fit your finances. Your required to have a budget to guide you as you shop.

The final step is choosing the right furniture to place in the various spaces.To remember there are different furniture that will work in different areas like different tables for different spaces, likewise different cabinets for various rooms. Suitable furniture will make your home look comfortable.


Ways To Prevent Heat Loss In A House

Heat loss is the degree of the total transfer of heat through a house from the inside to outside through the various the various forms of heat transfer. It is also the energy necessary to keep a room at a given temperature during the cold days. It is important to balance the output of heat and the loss of heat in the house. Below are several ways help in preventing heat loss in a household.

Ways of preventing heat loss

Insulation of wallsfhctre46dsu4jdfhf

More than 30% of household heat is lost through the walls in uninsulated houses. Insulating significantly helps to reduce electricity bills and keeps the house warmer. Although the cost of wall insulation may be high to most homeowners, the benefits that come with insulating your home are tremendous, as the savings that they will get over the many years will exceed the initial costs of installation

Check the chimney

Many homeowners are not aware that chimneys can contribute to a lot of heat loss in the households and that they should invest in quality fireplaces. A quality removable chimney balloon is a suitable solution to prevent excess heat from being lost. A chimney balloon installed by an expert will ensure effective prevention of heat loss through open chimneys. However, homeowners should remember to remove the balloon before using the chimney to prevent accidents.


dffngxshrts4uw34rtdhWhen you invest in quality curtains, you will save on your money during cold summers and hot winters. There are energy efficient curtains that prevent heat from escaping during cold winters, therefore, cutting on energy costs. Closed curtains have proven to save up to 10% of the energy that is lost, and drawing curtain blinds can also save 8% of the heat that is lost. Curtains that are hung high close to the ceiling can greatly help in preventing heat loss in the house. Hanging two curtains on a window can greatly prevent heat from leaving the house during cold weather.


Being able to drought-proof doors can prevent heat loss in houses, doors can be very poor insulators on some cold nights. Covering the doors can save a lot of heat from leaving the room. By covering the door using a thick curtain, heat will not escape and therefore, you will save on heat. If there are gaps at the top and bottom of the door, then a special hinged flap drought extender can be bought for this purpose

Reasons To Have Home Inspection Before Buying A House

Reasons To Have Home Inspection Before Buying A House

Owning your home comes with a lot of benefits, in addition to the sense of pride and security that you get. To enjoy all that, you need first to ensure that you get a house that is worth the price you pay for it. It is highly advisable that you always get professionals to inspect the home before signing on anything. Some of the main reasons for that have been given below.

Reasons for inspection when buying a home

Peace of minddgfgde54terdgfsrts

Buying a home is usually among the largest investment that any homeowner makes. It comes at a very high cost, especially with the current economic situation. That makes it quite important that you ensure the home is safe and robust. You will not have to live with stress and anxiety for fear of unknown elements in your home. You will also part with your money with some assurances that the value you are getting for it is worth it.

Save money

To get a home inspection done might come with some cost, but when you look at the overall picture, you will notice that you might be saving some money. Any existing and potential problem will be identified during the inspection and can be taken care of before it gets too late. The majority of such problems can escalate with time and end up being a lot costly. In addition to that, if problems are found before you buy the property, the cost of repair might be reflected in the buying price.

Estimate potential future expenses

fgcxfgsfgcfdtw34esdWith a new home come some potential costs. Most homeowners will wish to customize or personalize their home in accordance with their taste. Such may include changing or addition of appliances, roofing, heating systems, paint, etc. an inspection can give you an idea of what will be possible to do. This mostly applies if the kind of remodeling that you are planning on is heavy.

Price negotiations

Spending the least possible amount of cash when buying your new home will obviously be a major goal. To try to achieve this goal, you will have to employ some great negotiation tactics. You can strike a good bargain and get the overall price lowered significantly when you find out some issues with the home. You can negotiate to get a buying price difference that is much higher than the repair cost.