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How to get your air ducts clean

The air we breath gives us life and without it, we will surely not be in good health, that is why having clean air is important. Every home today have a ventilation and HVAC system to help deliver air to every room in the house. When it is cold, the air ducts provide heated air from a heating system, and when it is warm, it provides cool air from air conditioning. However, when was the last time you looked into your air duct?

The air duct in your home

When a house is built, there are many hhjtgfecmcrucial things that are integrated into the structure to provide the occupants with a comfortable living environment. One important part is the ventilation and air duct system. It distributes air around the house, but at the same time over time it also collects dust, hair fibers, fluff and other debris. When these accumulate over time, they become breeding grounds for insects and bacteria. If you do not get them cleaned by a professional Houston Air Duct Cleaning company, you will end up with an unhealthy environment.

The dangers of a dirty air duct

These delivery systems collect a lot of dust and debris including fibers, hair and they are also places where you get insects hiding. When all these gather in corners and edges, they also trap moisture, and then bacteria starts to grow, these can then get released into the air and enter our body when we breathe. You will soon start coughing and can come down with an illness.

Air duct cleaning

thjgkfcmIf you have a look in your home’s ducts and notice a build up of fluff, you need to get it cleaned up immediately. You can try to do it yourself, but you may not have the required tools and equipment to do a complete job. It is best to get a professional company to come to your home and do the cleaning for you. They will know how to perform the task and leave your ducts clean and free of dust and fluff.

How to find a professional cleaning company

The best place to look would be online. There should be a business that deals with the cleaning of air ducts in your city or town but before you hire them, do some research and check for reviews to ensure that they have a good track record of providing services in your area.

Ways To Prevent Heat Loss In A House

Heat loss is the degree of the total transfer of heat through a house from the inside to outside through the various the various forms of heat transfer. It is also the energy necessary to keep a room at a given temperature during the cold days. It is important to balance the output of heat and the loss of heat in the house. Below are several ways help in preventing heat loss in a household.

Ways of preventing heat loss

Insulation of wallsfhctre46dsu4jdfhf

More than 30% of household heat is lost through the walls in uninsulated houses. Insulating significantly helps to reduce electricity bills and keeps the house warmer. Although the cost of wall insulation may be high to most homeowners, the benefits that come with insulating your home are tremendous, as the savings that they will get over the many years will exceed the initial costs of installation

Check the chimney

Many homeowners are not aware that chimneys can contribute to a lot of heat loss in the households and that they should invest in quality fireplaces. A quality removable chimney balloon is a suitable solution to prevent excess heat from being lost. A chimney balloon installed by an expert will ensure effective prevention of heat loss through open chimneys. However, homeowners should remember to remove the balloon before using the chimney to prevent accidents.


dffngxshrts4uw34rtdhWhen you invest in quality curtains, you will save on your money during cold summers and hot winters. There are energy efficient curtains that prevent heat from escaping during cold winters, therefore, cutting on energy costs. Closed curtains have proven to save up to 10% of the energy that is lost, and drawing curtain blinds can also save 8% of the heat that is lost. Curtains that are hung high close to the ceiling can greatly help in preventing heat loss in the house. Hanging two curtains on a window can greatly prevent heat from leaving the house during cold weather.


Being able to drought-proof doors can prevent heat loss in houses, doors can be very poor insulators on some cold nights. Covering the doors can save a lot of heat from leaving the room. By covering the door using a thick curtain, heat will not escape and therefore, you will save on heat. If there are gaps at the top and bottom of the door, then a special hinged flap drought extender can be bought for this purpose